Thursday, 1 September 2016

20 Uses for Coca Cola – Proof That Coke Does Not Belong In the Human Body


Coca-Cola is one of the most popular soft drinks in the entire world. It is highly recognizable and very taste addictive. But it’s also very acidic and makes teeth prone to decay while destroying tooth enamel.

There have been tests where acidity levels were as high as 2.5 when it comes to pH levels. Water, on the other hand has a 7 for pH level, and battery acid has a 1. So you can see that coke is closer to the battery acid side of things!

Still not convinced? Well check out how well Coca-Cola can be used as a cleaner, breaking down everything in it’s path. Here are 20 ways coke can be used as an effective cleaner:

1. Cleans blood stains from cloths.
2. Polishes pennies making them shiny.
3. Descales kettles.
4. Cleans toilets effectively.
5. Eliminates hard to get off grease stains from clothes and fabrics.
6. Removes oil stains on cement.
7. Kills snugs and snails.
8. Get’s rid of rust stains from you pool.
9. Removes rust from rusty bolts.
10. Cleans car battery terminals which have corrosion on them.
11. Removes gum stuck in hair.
12. Cleans engines.
13 Paint remover.
14. Cleans out tile grout.
15. Helps fade or remove hair dye.
16. Along with aluminum foil, can polish chrome.
17. Cleans stains from vitreous china.
18 Cleans marker stains on carpet.
19. Can dissolve a tooth.
20. Cleans burnt pains when leaving on and rinsing after.

So you can see how absurd it is putting something in your mouth and down your system that can effectively be used a paint remover.
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